Bessie the Rose of Tralee

Melody - James E. Stewart, 1875

Frank Dumont

Old Erin, the isle of the sea,
My heart longs to see you again,
To see your green hills and your dells.
Oh! then I'll be free from all pain;
That sweet little darling who loves me so well,
Who's watching and waiting for me,
Her heart is as sad as my own,
Sweet Bessie, the rose of Tralee.
  Her face haunts me day after day,
Without her, oh! what would I do?
She's artless, and free from all guile,
I know that she's gentle and true;
My heart loves her fondly as heart e'er can love,
She's a gem of rare value to me,
The fairest and dearest of all,
Is Bessie, the rose of Tralee.

Her kisses are waiting for me,
And soon her sweet face I will see;
Without her the world is so drear,
Sweet Bessie, the rose of Tralee.

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