The Queen of Connemara

Melody -

1. Oh! My boat can safely float
In the teeth of wind and weather
And outrace the fastest hooker
Between Galway and Kinsale;
When the black floor of the ocean
And the white foam rush together,
High she rides, in her pride,
Like a sea-gull through the gale.

Oh she's neat! Oh she's sweet!
She's a beauty in ev'ry line!
The Queen of Connemara
Is that bounding barque of mine.

  2. When she's loaded down with fish
Till the water lips the gunwale,
Not a drop she'll take on board her
That would wash a fly away;
From the fleet she'll slip out swiftly like
A greyhound from her kennel,
And she'll land her silver store
The first at ould Kinvara quay.

3. There's a light shines out afar,
And it keeps me from dismaying
When the skies are ink above us
And the sea runs white with foam,
In a cot in Connemara
There's a wife and wee one praying
To the One who walked the waters once,
To send us safely home.

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