Oh, My Love Has An Eye Of The Softest Blue

Melody -

Charles Wolfeby 1791 - 1823

1. Oh, my love has an eye of the softest blue,
Yet it was not that that won me;
But a little bright drop from her soul was there,
'Tis that that has undone me.

2. I might have pass'd that lovely cheek,
Nor perchance my heart have left me;
But the sensitive blush that came trembling there,
Of my heart if forever bereft me.

3. I might have forgotten that red, red lip,
Yet how from that thought to sever?
But there was a smile from the sunshine within,
And that smile I'll remember forever.
  4. Think not 'tis nothing but lifeless clay,
The elegant form that haunts me;
'Tis the gracefully elegant mind that moves
In every step, that enchants me.

5. Let me not hear the nightgale sing,
Though I once in its notes delighted;
The feeling and mind that comes whispering forth
Has left me no music beside it.

6. Who could blame had I loved that face,
Ere my eye could twice explore her;
Yet it is for the fairy intelligence there,
And her warm, warm heart, I adore her.

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