Rockin' The Cradle

Melody -

1. On a bright summer's evening
I chanced to go roving
Down by the clear river
I rollicked along.
I heard an old man
Making sad lamentation;
He was rocking the cradle
And the child not his own.

2. When first that I married
Your inconstant mother
I thought myself lucky
To be blessed with a wife.
But for my misfortune,
Sure I was mistaken
She's proved both a curse
And a plague on my life.
  3. She goes out every night
To a ball or a party
And leaves me here
Rockin' me cradle alone.
The innocent laddie
He calls me his daddy
But little he knows
That he's none of my own.

4. Now come all ye young men
That's inclined to get married
Take my advice
And let the women alone.
For by the Lord Harry,
If ever you marry
They'll leave you with a baby
That's none of your own.

Hi ho, hi ho, my laddie lie aisy
For perhaps your own daddy might never be known.
I'm sitting and sighing and rocking the cradle,
And nursin' the baby that's none of my own.

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