O, No John

Melody -

On yonder hill there stands a maiden
Who she is I do not know;
I shall court her, for her beauty,
She must answer yes or no,

O, O, no John,
No John, No John, No.

2. Madam, on thy face is beauty
On thy lips wild roses grow,
Madam, I would be thy lover,
Madam, answer yes or no,

3. Madam. on thy face is beauty,
At thy bosom lilies grow,
In your bedroom there is pleasure,
Shall I view it? Yes or no.
  4. Madam, I will give you jewels
I will make you rich and free;
I will give you silk and satins
Madam, if you lie with me.

5. My husband is a Spanish captain,
Went to sea a month ago.
First he kissed me, then he left me,
Bade me always answer "No!"

6. Madam, may I tie your garter
Just an inch above your knee?
If my hand should slip a little farther,
Would you think it ill of me?

7. My love and I went to bed together,
There we lay till the cocks did crow;
Open your arms my dearest darling,
Open your arms and let me go.

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