O, Rattlin', Roarin' Willie

Melody -

O, rattlin', roarin' Willie,
O, he held to the fair,
An' for to sell his fiddle
An' buy some other ware;
But parting wi' his fiddle,
The saut tear blin't his e'e,
And, rattlin', roarin' Willie,
Ye're welcome hame to me.
  "O, Willie, come sell your fiddle,
O, sell your fiddle sae fine;
O Willie o me sell your fiddle
And buy a pint o' wine!"
"If I should sell my fiddle,
The warl' would think I was mad;
For many a rantin' day
My fiddle and I hae had.

As I cam by Crochallan,
I cannily keekit ben,
Rattlin', roarin' Willie
Was sitting at yon boord-en';
Sitting at yon boord-en'
And amang guid companie;
Rattlin', roarin' Willie,
Ye're welcome hame to me.

Robert Burns added a third stanza to this old song as a compliment to William Dunbar, ''one of the worthiest fellows in the world". Dunbar was presiding officer of the Crochallan Fencibles, an Edinburgh club of wits of which Burns was a leading member.

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