The Dearest

Melody -

John Sterling 1806 - 1844

1. Oh that from far-away mountains,
Over the restless waves,
Where bubble enchanted fountains,
Rising from jewell'd caves,
I could call a fairy brid,
Who, whenever thy voice was heard,
Should come to thee, dearest!

2. He should have violent pinions,
And a beak of silver white,
And should bring from the sun's dominions
Eyes that would give thee light.
Thou shouldst see that he was born
In a land of gold and morn,
To be thy servant, dearest!
  3. Oft would be drop on thy tresses
A pearl or a diamond stone,
And would yield to thy light caresses
Blossoms in Eden grown.
Round thy path his wings would shower
Now a gem and now a flower,
And dewy odors, dearest!

4. He should fetch from his eastern island
The songs that the Peris sing,
And when evening is clear and silent,
Spells to thy ear would bring,
And with his mysterious strain
Would entrance thy weary brain;
Love's own music, dearest!

5. No Phoenix, alas! will hover,
Sent from the morning star;
And thou must take of thy lover
A gift not brought so far:
Wanting bird, and gem, and song,
Ah! receive and treasure long
A heart that loves thee, dearest!

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