Ramblin' Rover

Melody -

Andy Stewart

1. Oh there's many that feign enjoyment
For merciless employment
Their ambition was this deployment
Since the minute they left the school
They save and scrape and ponder
While the rest go out and squander
See the world, and rove and wander,
And they're happier as a rule.

2. I've roamed thru all the nations,
Ta'en delight in all creation
And I've tried a wee sensation
Where the company did prove kind
And when parting was no pleasure,
I've drunk another measure
To the good friends that we treasure
For they always are in our minds.
  3. For the lassies young and sprightly,
Them I courted nightly
Where stayin' wasn't likely,
For I ramble up and down;
'Cause life it would be hearty,
I'd dance at every party,
Meet ramblin' Dan McCarthy
And we'll all go on the town!

4. If you're bent with arth-er-itis,
Your bowels have got colitis
You have gallopin' bollockitis
And you're thinkin' it's time you died
You've been a man of action
Tho you're lyin' there in traction
You may gain some satisfaction
Sayin' "Jaysus, at least I tried!"

Oh there's sober men in plenty,
And drunkards barely twenty
There are men of over ninety
That have never yet kissed a girl
But give me a ramblin' rover,
And from Orkney down to Dover
We will roam the country over
And together will face the world!

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