Mick McGilligan's Ball

Melody -

O, they all went down to Mick McGilligan's Ball,
Where they had to tear the paper off the wall,
To make room for all the people in the hall,
All the girls and the boys made a devil of a noise
At Mick McGilligan's Ball

Now Michael McGilligan, one fine day,
Got a lot of money from the USA,
All through the death of his Uncle Joe,
He got a million and a half or so.
And says McGilligan, "I'll give a fancy ball,
Down at the auld ancestral hall."
He invited the neighbors and everyone,
For to join in the music and to have some fun.
O, they all went down . . . .
  All of the neighbors came from near and far,
Mulligan arrived in a motor car,
Old Mrs. Reilly, bless her heart,
Came with the family in the donkey cart.
Pat O'Rafferty arrived in an aeroplane,
Ah, you'll never see the likes again.
There was a shout when two old skins,
Came along at the gallop with the two Miss Quinns.
O, they all went down . . . .

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