Melody -

Thomas Dwyer Joyce

1. "Oh wind of the west that bringest,
O'er wood and lea,
Perfume of flowers from my lady's bowers
And a strain and a melody,

2. While soft 'mid the bloom thou singest
Thy songs of laughter and sighs,
Steal in where my darling lies
With a kiss to her mouth from me!

3. "White Rose, when at morn thou twinest
Her lattice fair,
Wave to and fro in the fresh sun's glow
Till she wakes and beholds thee there;
  4. When over her brow thou shinest,
Then whisper from me, and press
On her dear head one fond caress,
And a kiss on her yellow hair!

5. "Oh Rose! and oh wind that found her
'Mid morning's glee!
While the noon goes by, keep ever nigh
With your beauty and melody;

6. With your smile and song stay round her
Till she closes her eyelids bright;
Then give her a sweet good-night
And a kiss on the lips for me!"

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