Death of Queen Jane

Melody -

|: Queen Jane lay in labor
   Full nine days or more
   'Til the women were so tired,
   They could stay no longer there. :|

2. "Good women, good women,
Good women as ye be
Do open my right side
And find my baby."

3. "Oh no," said the women,
"That never can be
We will send for King Henry,
And hear what he say."

4. King Henry was sent for,
King Henry did come
"What do ail you, my lady,
Your eyes look so dim?"
  5. "King Henry, King Henry,
Will you do one thing for me?
That's to open my right side
And find my baby."

6. "Oh no," said King Henry,
"That's a thing I'll never do
If I lose the Flower of England,
I shall lose the branch to."

7. King Henry went mourning
And so did his men
And so did the dear baby,
For Queen Jane did die then.

8. And how deep was the mourning,
How black were the bands
How yellow, yellow were the flamboys
They carried in their hands.

9. There was fiddling, aye,
And dancing on the day the babe was born
But poor Queen Jane beloved
Lay cold as a stone.

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