Melody -

Katharine Conway

1. Remembered thus, my dearest!
Remembered! can it be!
That, after all my waywardness,
I'm still so dear to thee?
Though changed thy outward seeming,
That thy heart no change hath known,
And the love I thought had left me
Is still my own - my own?

2. Oh I remebered! but I said,
"I, too, can be unheeding."
With smiling eyes and aching heart
I stilled sweet memory's pleading
Or dreamed I stilled it - murmuring,
"Soon shall my strength atone
For the cares and joys he shares not,
And the triumphs won alone."
  3. One word from thee, beloved,
And the pent-up fount's unsealed,
And all my self-deceiving
To sense and soul revealed,
And all that lonesome, toilsome past
Clear-pictured unto me,
Oh it never had a day, dear,
Unlit by prayer for thee!

4. Fore'er divided? yea, for earth;
But our loves have wider scope,
And the bonds between us strengthen
With our strong supernal hope,
For oh, my friend, my dearest,
How God's love halloweth
This love that, unaffrighted,
Look is in the face of Death!

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