Santa's Hands, Santa's Heart

2MB MP3 - © John A. Nilsen 1997/2001

© Joanne Nigro-Nilsen 1997/2001

We are "Operation Santa Claus,"
volunteers who answer Dear Santa letters,
here at New York City's main post office.
We send toys and food to children,
who might otherwise face a very bleak Christmas.
Thousands of letters arrive every day.
Sadly, many are destined for dead letter bins.
This is the story of just one letter,
a letter that brought back memories
I thought I'd kept locked deep inside.

She signed her letter love & kisses from Nicole
I need your help, dear Santa, I'm only nine years old.

Life has sure been hard, since daddy went away.
Bring my little brother lots of presents in your sleigh.
Mom doesn't have a job or a car.
Can you bring back Dad and fix a broken heart?

One little voice, Santa's Hand, Santa's Heart.

An old familiar pain, I hadn't known for years
Made me feel so helpless, I struggled with my tears
There'd be no silver bells that Christmas for Nicole
I wished that I could send her velvet stockings full of hope.
What can I do? Where do I start?
I knew I had to write a letter from my heart.

One little voice, Santa's Hand, Santa's Heart

We're Santa's helpers making little dreams come true
But sending little Christmas toys isn't all we do.
The peaceful heart and joy that only love can bring
Makes "Operation Santa's" giving spirit ring.

One little voice, Santa's Hand, Santa's Heart

"Dear Nicole," I wrote, "Santa's on his way.
We'll bring lots of presents in our reindeer sleigh.
I'm glad when you awake, feeling frightened in the night,
you say your prayers, and yes, Nicole, everything will be all right.
Someday, my child, you'll understand why.
Keep that loving hopeful light inside you.

One little voice, Santa's Hand, Santa's Heart

At Christmastime each year, I think about Nicole
and the letter that I wrote from Santa long ago.
Did she grow strong? And full of hope?
I guess I'll never really know, but it can happen, I know.
For at 9 years old, I was like Nicole.

One little voice, Santa's Hand, Santa's Heart . . .

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