One Final Gift

Melody -

D.H. Cramer

1. Scatter me not to the restless winds
Nor toss my ashes to the sea.
Remember now those years gone by
When loving gifts I gave to thee.

2. Remember now the happy times
The family ties are shared.
Don't leave my resting place unmarked
As though you never cared.

3. Deny me not one final gift
For all who came to see.
A simple lasting proof that says
I loved and you loved me.

Richard Rolle 1300- 1349

1. The limbs that move, the eyes that see,
These are not entirely me;
Dead men and women helped to shape,
The mold that I do not escape;

2. The words I speak, the written line, these
Are not uniquely mine.
For in my heart and in my will, old
Ancestors are warring still,

3. Celt, Roman, Saxon and all the dead, from
Whose rich blood my veins are fed,
In aspect, gesture, voices, tone, flesh of
My flesh, bone of my bone;

4. In fields they tilled, I plow the sod, I walk
The mountain paths they trod;
Around my daily steps arise - the good,
The bad - those I comprise.

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