Shepherd's Clocks

Melody -

Agnes Grozier Herbertson

Shepherd's clocks don't tick or chime,
But they know how to tell the time.

They can tell you, when you roam,
If it's time to think of home.

They can tell you - for they know -
If you must walk fast or slow.

They can tell if tea's begun:
If it is, you've got to run.

You must gather one - just so -
Hold it out, and blow, and blow;

If the feathers fly away
All at once, it's close of day.

(But be sure they fly together
With the one puff, every feather!)

If none flies, and all remain,
You had better try again:

Blow your cheeks out, tight as tight,
And give a puff with all your might.

Half may stay and half may go:
That means midday, you must know.
  Blow again, and you will see
All will fly but two or three;

Then you know it's afternoon,
And tea-time must come on quite soon;

A gentle puff may leave just one;
Then you know play-time is done.

It is best to turn home then,
If you want to play again.

In the meadow with the flowers,
Through the pleasant sunny hours.

Tea-time is so quickly past,
Bed-time comes on, fast as fast;

Just a little sleep, and then
You are out of bed again;

You can see the sun, once more
Shining as he did before.

When all lessons are quite done,
Out you go, and off you run;

And shepherd's clocks tell, plain as plain,
That play-time has come round again.

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