St. Stephen and Herod

Melody -

St. Stephen was a serving-man
In Herod's royal hall.
He serv-ed him with meat and wine
That doth to kings befall.

He was serving him with meat, one day,
With a boar's head in his hand,
When he saw a star come from the East
And over Bethlehem stand.

St. Stephen was a righteous man
And in his faith was bold,
He was waiting for the birth of Christ
As by the prophets told.

He cast the Boar's head on the floor
And let the server fall,;
He said, "Behold a child is born
That is better than us all."

Then quickly he went to Herod's room
And unto him did say,
"I am leaving thee, King Herod,
And will proclaim thy wicked ways."

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