Sullivan's John

Melody -

1. Sullivan's John to the road you've gone,
Far away from your native home
You've gone with the tinker's daughter
Far along the road to roam
Sullivan's John sure you won't stick it long
When your belly will soon get slack
When you're roaming the road with a mighty load
And a toodle box on your back.
  2. I met Katey Coffey with her neat baby
Behind on her back strapped on
She'd an old ash plant all in her hand
For to drive her donkey on
Enquiring at every farmer's house
That along the road she passed
Where would she find an old pot to mend
And where would she swap an ass.

3. There's a hairy ass fair in the County Claire
In a place they call Spancil Hill
Where my brother James got a rap on the head
And poor Paddy they tried to kill
They loaded him up in an ass and cart
While Kate and Mary stood by
Bad luck to the day that I went away
To join with the tinkers band.

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