Sweet Marie

Melody - Refrain only - Raymon Moore, 1893

Cy Warman

I've a secret in my heart,
Sweet Marie.
A tale I would impart,
Love, to thee.
Every daisy in the dell
Knows my secret, knows it well,
And yet I dare not tell,
Sweet Marie.

When I hold your hand in mine,
Sweet Marie.
A feeling most divine
Comes to me.
Oh, the world is full of spring
Full of warblers on the wing
And I listen while they sing,
Sweet Marie.
  In the morn when I awake,
Sweet Marie,
Seems to me my heart will break,
Love, for thee.
Every wave that shakes the shore
Seems to sing it o'er and o'er,
Seems to say that I adore
Sweet Marie.

When the sunset tints the west,
Sweet Marie,
And I sit down to rest,
Love, with thee,
Every star that studs the sky
Seems to stand and wonder why
They're so dimmer than your eye,
Sweet Marie.

|: Come to me, Sweet Marie,
   Sweet Marie, come to me,
   Not because your face is fair,
   Love, to see,
   But your soul so pure and sweet,
   Makes my happiness complete,
   Makes me falter at your feet,
   Sweet Marie. :|

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