Melody -

1. The crops are all in and the peaches are gathered
Oranges packed in their creosote bins
They're flying them back to the Mexican border
T'will take all their money to get back again.

So farewell to my friends goodbye Roselita
Adios mis amigos, goodbye Maria
You won't need a name when you fly the big aeroplane
And they will call you deportees.
  2. The skyplane caught tire over Los Gatos Canyon
The tire bore it up and struck the hills round
Oh who were those friends who were scanered like dry leaves
The radio said they were just deportees.

3. Is this the best way for to plough our good orchards?
Is this the best way tor to grow our good fruit
To lie on the ground and to rot on the topsoil
And never know no name except deportees.

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