Moses Ri-Tooral-I-Ay

Melody -

1. O the Bobby stepped out he was lord of the town
but soon he stopped short with a stare and a frown
for the name on the dray that stood over the way
|: was Moses -Ri-Tooral-I-Ooral-I-Ay :|

2. Then the Bobby grew big like a hen in a "clieve"
and visions arose of a V on his sleeve
promotion he whispered I'll look for today
with Moses-Ri-Tooral-I-Ooral-I-Ay

3. O come tell me your name says the limb-o-the law
to the poor little man selling delph in the straw
me name o what is it 'tis there on the dray
'tis Moses-Ri-Tooral-I-Ooral-I-Ay

4. Now that is no ledgible name do you mind
and if it's proved Irish you're sure to be fined
and then I will look for a rise in my pay
so come-along mister Ri-Tooral-I-Ay

5. O 'tis all very fine said the local JP
but this case is too complicated for me
you'll have to get Peter the packer to say
what we'll do with Ri-Tooral-I-Ooral-I-Ay
  6. When the trial came on sure it lasted a week
one judge said 'twas German another said Greek
prove him Irish said Peter beyond ye or nay
and we'll "sit" on Ri-Tooral-I-Ooral-I-Ay

7. Then Peter got mad and he looked all around
he looked at the jury they looked at the ground
he turned to the judges but all they could say
was Moses-Ri-Tooral-I-Ooral-I-Ay

8. Then he turned to the prisoner as stiff as a crutch
are you English or Irish or German or Dutch
I'm a Jew sir one Jew who come here for to say
that I'm Moses-Ri-Tooral-I-Ooral-I-Ay

9. Then we're two of trade says the judge to the Jew
you pack for your living I pack for mine too
this numbskull has blundered and for it must pay
quite right says Ri-Tooral-I-Ooral-I-Ay

10. And now there's a scavenger sweeping the street
he once was a peeler the pride of his beat
and he's moaning by night and he's groaning by day
bad luck to Ri-Tooral-I-Ooral-I-Ay

yes he's moaning by night and he's groaning by day
bad luck to Ri-Tooral-I-Ooral-I-Ay

At the time of this song the Irish language was outlawed in Ireland. The Bobbys or Peelers (Sir Robt. Peel more or less invented the modern Police force in England) understood no Irish and had a bit of a problem enforcing this law when they couldn't tell Irish from Greek.   This is a version of Moses-Ri-Tooral-I-Ooral-I-Ay that I learned from my late Father,
Peter the packer was a judge, of Jewish extraction, who was known to "pack" the jury, i.e. instruct them to come to a decision of his choice so, being Jewish, he had sympthy for the old man and had the policeman sacked.
Liam Skelly, Dublin

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