Mary Mack

Melody -

1. There's a nice wee lass
And her name's Mary Mack Mak'
No mistake she's the miss
I'm going to tak'
There's a lot of other chaps
That would get upon her track
But I'm thinking that they'd have to go up early!

Mary Mack's father's makin'
Mary Mack marry me
My father's makin' me
Marry Mary Mack
And I'm goin' t'marry Mary tae get married
And take care o'me
We'll all be makin' merry when I marry Mary Mack!

2. This wee lass
She has a lot o' brass
She has a lot of gas,
Her father thinks I'm class
And I'd be a silly ass
For tae let the matter pass
Her father thinks she suits me fairly!
  3. Now Mary and her mother
Gang an awfu' lot together
In fact y'never see th' one,
Or th' one without th' other
And the fellers often wonder
If it's Mary or her mother
Or the both of them together that I'm courtin'

4. Now the weddin' day's on Wednesday
And everything's arranged
Her name will soon be changed
T'mine unless her mind be changed
And wi' makin' the arrangements.
Faith, I'm just about deranged
For marriage is an awful undertakin'!

5. It's sure tae be a grand affair
And grander than a fair
A coach-and-pair for every Peer,
And every pair that's there
We'll dine upon the finest fare,
I'm sure t'get my share
If I don't we'll all be very much mistaken!

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