The Ladye Of Lee

Melody -

Francis Mahony 1803-1866

1. There's a being bright, whose beams
Light my days and gild my dreams,
Till my life all sunshine seems
'Tis the ladye of Lee.

2. Oh! the joy that beauty brings,
While her merry laughter rings,
And her voice of silver sings
How she loves but me!

3. There's grace in every limb,
There's a charm in every whim,
And the diamond cannot dim
The dazzling of her e'e.
  4. There's a light amid
The lustre of her lid,
That from the crowd is hid
And only I can see.

5. 'Tis the glance by which is shown
That she loves but me alone;
That she is all mine own
This ladye of Lee.

6. Then say, can it be wrong,
If the burden of my song
Be, how fondly I'll belong
To this ladye of Lee!

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