There Was a Little Man

Melody -

There was a little man
And he wooed a little maid,
And he said, "Little maid,
Will you wed, wed, wed ?
I have little more to say,
Than will you, yea or nay,
For least said is soonest

The 1ittle maid replied,
"Little sir, you've little said,
To induce a little maid
For to wed, wed, wed.
You must say a little more
And produce a little ore
E'er I make a little print
In your bed, bed, bed."

Then the little man replied,
"If you'll be my little bride
I'll raise my love notes a
Little higher, higher, higher.
Though my offers are not meet,
Yet my little heart is great
With the little god of love
All on fire, fire, fire."

The little maid replied
(Some say, a little sighed),
"But what shall we have
To eat, eat, eat?
Will the love that you're so rich in
Make a fire in the kitchen?
Or the little God of Love
Turn the spit, spit, spit?"

The little man replied
(Some say, a little cried,
For his little heart was
Big with sorrow-row-row),
"With the little that I have
I will be your little slave,
And the rest, my deary dear,
We will borrow-row-row."

Thus did the little gent
Make the little maid relent,
For her little heart began
To beat, beat, beat.
Though his offers were but small
She took them one and all:
Now she thanks her lucky stars
For her fate, fate, fate.
  There was a little man,
And he had a little gun,
And his bullets were made
Of lead, lead, lead;
He went to the brook,
And saw a little duck,
And shot it through
The head, head, head.

He carried it home
To his old wife Joan,
And bade her a fire
To make, make, make;
To roast the little duck,
While he went to the brook,
To shoot and kill
The drake, drake, drake.

The little drake was swimming,
With his little curly tail,
And the little man made it
His mark, mark, mark:
He let off his gun,
But he fired too soon,
And away flew the drake
With a quack, quack, quack.

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