The Sea Around Us

Melody -

1. They say that the Lakes of Killarney are fair
That no stream like the Liffey can ever compare
If it's water you want you'll find nothing more rare
Than the stuff they make down by the ocean.

2. The sea, oh, the sea is the gradhl geal mo croide
Long may it roll between England and me
It's a sure guarantee that some hour we'll be free
Oh, thank God we're surrounded by water.

3. Tom Moore made his "Waters" meet fame and renown
A great lover of anything dressed in a crown
In brandy the bandy old Saxon he'd drown
But throw ne'er a one in the ocean.
  4. The Scots have their Whisky, the Welsh have their leeks
And their poets are paid about tenpence a week
Provided no hard words on England they speak
Oh Lord, what a price for devotion.

5. The Danes came to Ireland with nothing to do
But dream of the plunder old Irish they slew
"Yeh will in yer vikings" said Brian Boru
And threw them back into the ocean.

6. Two foreign old monarchs in battle did join
Each wanting their heads on the back of a coin
If the Irish had sense they'd drowned both in the Boyne
And partition thrown into the ocean.

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