The Charm

Melody -

Samuel Lover 1797-1868

1. They say there's a secret charm which lies
In some wild floweret's bell,
That grows in a vale where the west wind sighs,
And where secrets best may dwell;

2. And they who can find the fairy flower,
A treasure possess that might grace a throne;
For, oh! they can rule with the softest power
The heart they would make their own.

3. The Indian has toil'd in the dusky mine,
For the gold that has made him a slave;
Or, plucking the pearl from the sea-god's shrine,
Has tempted the wrath of the wave;
  4. But ne'er has he sought, with a love like mine,
The flower that holds the heart in thrall;
Oh! rather I'd win that charm divine,
Than their gold and their pearl and all.

5. I've sought it by day, from morn till eve
I've won it - in dreams at night;
And then how I grieve my couch to leave,
And sigh at the morning's light;

6. Yet sometimes I think in a hopeful hour,
The blissful moment I yet may see
To win the fair flower from the fairy's bower
And give it, love - to thee.

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