My Mother's Bible

Melody - Henry Russell, 1841 (1812-1900)

George Pope Morris, 1802-1864

This book is all that's left me now.
Tears will unbidden start!
With faltering lip and throbbing brow,
I press it to my heart,
For many generations passed
Here is our fam'ly tree!
My mother's hands this bible clasped,
She dying gave it me.

Ah, well do I remember those
Whose names these records bear!
Who round the hearth-stone used to close,
After the eve-ning prayer;
And speak of what this volume said,
In tones my heart would thrill;
Though they are with the silent dead,
Here are they living still!
  My father read this holy book
To brothers, sisters dear!
How calm was my poor mother's look,
Who learned God's word to hear!
Her angel face! I see it yet!
What thronging mem'ries come come!
Again that little group is met
Within the halls of home!

Thou truest friend man ever knew!
The constancy I've tried!
When all were false I found thee true,
My counselor and guide.
The mines of earth no treasures give,
From me this book could buy;
For teaching me the way to live,
It taught me how to die.

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