Down by the Liffeyside

Melody -

1. 'Twas down by Anna Liffey,
My love and I did stray
Where in the good old slushy mud
The sea gulls sport and play.
We got the whiff of ray and chips
And Mary softly sighed,
"Oh John, come on for a wan and wan
Down by the Liffeyside."

2. Then down along by George's street
The loving pairs to view
While Mary swanked it like a queen
In a skirt of royal blue;
Her hat was lately turned
And her blouse was newly dyed,
Oh you could not match her round the block,
Down by the Liffeyside.
  3. And on her old melodeon
How sweetly could she play;
"Good-by-ee" and "Don't sigh-ee"
And "Rule Brittanni-ay"
But when she turned Sinn Feiner
Me heart near burst with pride,
To hear her sing the "Soldier's Song",
Down by the Liffeyside.

4. On Sunday morning to Meath street
Together we will go,
And it's up to Father Murphy
We both will make our vow.
We'll join our hands in wedlock bands
And we'll be soon outside
For a whole afternoon, for our honeymoon,
Down by the Liffeyside.

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