Fields O Bannockburn

Melody -

The Battle of Bannockburn, 1314

Twas on a bonnie simmer's day,
Me English came in grand array
King Edward's orders to obey ,
Upon the Field of Bannockburn.

Sae loudly let the Pibroch wake
Each loyal Clan frae hill and lake ,
And boldly fight for Scotia's sake
Upon the Field of Bannockburn.

2. King Edward raised his standard high,
Bruce shook his banners in reply
Each army shouts for victory
Upon the Field of Bannockburn.

3. The English horse wi' deadly aim
Upon the Scottish army came;
But hundreds in our pits were slain
Upon the Field of Bannockburn.

4. Loud rose the war cry of McNeil,
Who flew like tigers to the field
And made the Sass'nach army feel
There were dauntless hearts at Bannockburn.

5. McDonald's clan, how firm their pace
Dark vengeance gleams in ev'ry face,
Lang had they thirsted to embrace
Their Sass'nach friends at Bannockburn.

6. The Fraser bold his brave clan led,
While wide their thistle banners spread
They boldly fell and boldly bled
Upon the Field of Bannockburn.

7. The ne'er behind brave Douglas came,
And also with him Donald Graham,
Their blood-red painted swords did stain
The glorious Field of Bannockburn.

8. That day King Edward's heart did mourn,
With joy each Scottish heart did burn,
In mem'ry now let us return
Our thanks to Bruce at Bannockburn.

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