McCarthy's Widow

Melody -

1. 'Twas three years ago this very day,
I took to me a wife.
And ever since she's proved to be
A burden to me life.
She was the widdy of McCarthy
And of course that was her name,
But for changing it to Kelly,
Sure she's not to blame.

2. She speaks about McCarthy
And his virtues every day,
And she wishes I'd keep sober
And be like him every way.
But she beat him with the broom stick
Every time the baby cried,
And made him rock the cradle
'Til from cruelty he died.

3. For I'm going down to Pace's now,
The purpose to get tight.
And when I do get home again,
There's bound to be a fight.
I will smash up all the furniture
Before I do get through.
Upset the stove and
The first dumb thing I do.
  4. The difference then in the two men,
She hastily will see,
And know which is the best man,
McCarthy or me.
Then, maybe she'd behave herself
And learn to shut her mouth,
For if she gets me into jail,
She'll have to get me out.

5. She said that every evening
He done all the work he could;
He used to wash the dishes
And he split the kindling wood.
He'd carry in the coal himself,
No labor would he shirk;
He'd rinse the clothes on wash days
Before he went to work.

6. He lit the fires every morn
And got the breakfast, too;
In fact, there was not anything
At home he didn't do.
And if he didn't stir himself,
And wash and mend his clothes
She'd often send the frying pan
To try and break his nose.

For she'd lick him, she'd kick him,
She'd never let him be.
She'd lash him, she'd slash him
Until he couldn't see.
Oh, McCarthy wasn't hearty,
Now she has a different party.
She might have licked McCarthy
But she can't lick me.

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