Twelve Huntsmen

Melody -

Twelve huntsmen with horns and hounds,
Hunting over other men's grounds;
Eleven ships sailing o'er the main,
Some bound for France and some for Spain:
I wish them all safe home again;

Ten comets in the sky,
Some low and some high;
Nine peacocks in the air:
I wonder how they all came there?
I do not know and I do not care;

Eight joiners in Joiners' Hall,
Working with the tools and all;
Seven lobsters in a dish,
As fresh as any heart could wish;

Six beetles against the wall,
Close by an old woman's apple-stall;
Five puppies of our dog Ball,
Who daily for their breakfast call;

Four horses stuck in a bog,
Three monkeys tied to a clog;
Two pudding-ends would choke a dog,
With a gaping, wide-mouthed, waddling frog.

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