Melody - A Lancashire Version of Longfellow's poem "Excelsior"

Marriott Edgar, 1941

'Twere getting dusk
One winter's night
When up the clough
There came in sight
A lad who carried through the snow
A banner with this 'ere motto:

His face was glum
As he did pass,
His eyes was shiny
Just like glass,
And as he went upon his way
He nobbut this 'ere word did say:

And people sitting
Down to tea
They heard him plain
As plain could be,
they thowt 'twere final football score
As this 'ere word rang out once more:

A P'liceman on
His lonely beat
He stopped the lad
Up t'end of t'streets.
He said 'Wheer't going wi' that theer?'
The lad just whispered in his ear:

'Don't go down t' clough,'
The P'liceman said,
'It's mucky road
For thee to treat,
Canal's at bottom deep and wide.'
'That's not my road,' the lad replied,
'It's "Uppards".
  A young Lass stopped him
Further up.
She said 'Come in
Wi' me and sup.'
He said 'I'm taking none o' yon,
Besides, I must be gettin' on

Next morn some lads
Had just begun
To tak' their whippets
For a run
When dogs got scratching in the snow
And found flag with this 'ere motto:

That set them digging
All around,
And 'twasn't long
Before they found
A lad whose name they never learned,
Whose face was white, whose toes was turned

'Twere very plain
For to behold
The lad had ta'en
His death o' cold;
He'd got his feet wet early on
And from his feet the cold had gone

This story only
Goes to show
That when the fields
Is white wi' snow
It's inadvisable to go:

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