Two Little Girls in Blue

Melody and Text: - Charles Graham, 1893

An old man gazed on a photograph
In a locket he'd worn for years;
His nephew then asked him the reason why
That picture had caused him tears.
"Come listen," he said, "I will tell you, lad,
A story that's strange, but true!
Your father and I, at the school one day,
Met two little girls in blue.
That picture is one of those girls," he said
And to me she was once a wife;
I thought her unfaithful, we quarrelled lad,
And parted that night for life.
My fancy of jealousy wronged a heart,
A heart that was good and true -
For two better girls never lived than they,
Those two little girls in blue."

Two little girls in blue, lad,
Two little girls in blue.
They were sisters, we were brothers
And learned to love the two.
And one little girl in blue, lad,
Who won your father's heart,
Became your mother. I married the other,
And now we have drifted apart.

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