The Wee Cooper O' Fife

Melody -

There was a wee cooper wha' lived in Fife,
Nickety nackety, noo, noo, noo
And he hae gotten a gentle wife,
Hey Willie Wallacky, Ho, John Dougal,
Alane quo' rushety roo, roo, roo.

She wouldnae card, she wouldnae spin
For the shaming o' her gentle kin.

She wouldnae wash, she wouldnae wring
For the spoiling o' her gaulden ring.

She wouldnae bake, she wouldnae brew
For the spoiling o' her family hue.

She called him a dirty Hieland whelp
If you want yer dinner go get it yourself

The cooper hae gane tae his woolpack,
He's laid a sheepskin across his wife's back.

I wouldnae thrash ye for your gentle kin,
But I would thrash my ain sheepskin!

Oh I will card and I will spin
And think nae mair of my gentle kin!

Oh, I will wash and I will wring
And think nae mair o' my gowden ring

Oh, I will bake and I will brew
And think nae mair o' my comely hue

She drew the table and spread the board
And "My dear husband" was every word

A' ye wha hae gotten a gentle wife,
Send ye for the wee cooper o' Fife.

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