Well met faire maid, my chiefest joy

Melody -

Well met faire maid, my chiefest joy.
Alas blinde fool, deceiv'd art thou
I prethee sweet Peg be not so coy
I scorn to fancy such a cow.

Thy beauty sweet Peg, hath won my heart
For shame leave off thy flattery
From thee I never meane to part
Good lacke how thou canst cog and lie!

For Peggies love poore Kit will dye.
In faith what colour then shall it be?
In time my constant heart will try
Then pluck it out, that I may see.
  My life I will spend to doe thee good
Alas good sir, that shall not need
For thee I will not spare my blood
God send your Goslings well to speed.

Yet faine would I be thy wedded mate.
Alas good sir I am already sped
What luck had I to come so late?
Because thou broughtest a calfe from bed.

O pitty me, sweet Peg I pray
So I have done long time God wot.
Why dost thou then my love deny?
Because I see thou art a sot.

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