What is Love

Melody -

from 'Blanid'

1. What is this love, this love that makes
My heart's warm pulses quiver?
They say it is the power that wakes
The hyacinth 'mid hazel brakes,
The lilies by the river,
And that same thing that bids the dove
Sit in the pine-tree high above,
Its sweetheart wooing;
But oh! alas! wate'er it be,
It comes for my undoing!
  2. The lily of the river side
By its sweet mate reposes
Through autumn moons and winter-tide,
To wake in love and beauty's pride
When comes the time of roses;
And in the springing of the year
The doves' sweet voices you will hear
Their vows renewing;
But oh! alas! whate'er love be,
And howsoe'er it comes to me,
It comes for my undoing!

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