When I was a little boy

Melody -

When I was a little boy
I lived by myself,
And all the bread and cheese I got
I put upon the shelf.

The rats and the mice
They led me such a life,
I was forced to go to London
To get myself a wife.
  The roads were so bad,
And the roads were so narrow,
I could not get my wife home
In a wheelbarrow.

The wheelbarrow's broke,
And my wife had a fall;
Down came the wheelbarrow,
Wife and all.

When I was a little boy
I had but little wit;
It is some time ago,
And I've no more yet;
Nor ever, ever shall
Until that I die,
For the longer I live
The more fool am I.
  When I was a little boy
My mammy kept me in,
But now I am a great boy
I'm fit to serve the king;
I can hand a musket,
And I can smoke a pipe,
And I can kiss a pretty girl
At twelve o'clock at night.

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