When Pat Came Over the Hill

Melody -

Samuel Lover 1839

1. When Pat came over the hill,
His colleen fair to see,
His whistle low
But shrill the signal was to be;
"Oh, Mary," the mother cried,
"There is someone whistling sure"
"Oh, mother, it is the wind you know,
That's whistling through the door."

2. "I've lived a long time, Mary,
In this wide world, my dear,
But the door to whistle like that
I never yet did hear";
"But, mother, you know the fiddle
Hangs close beside the chink
And the wind upon the strings
Is playing a tune, I think."

3. "The dog is barking now;
The fiddle can't play the tune."
"But, mother, you know they say
Dogs bark when they see the moon."
"But how can he see the moon,
When he is old and blind,
Blind dogs don't bark at the moon, my dear,
nor fiddles don't play with the wind."
  4. "And now I hear the pig,
Uneasy in his mind,"
"But mother, you know they say
That pigs can see the wind";
"That's all very true, my dear,
But I think you may remark.
That pigs no more than we
Can see anything in the dark."

5. "I'm not such a fool as you think;
I know very well 'tis Pat;
Go home you whistlin' thief
And do get away out o' that;
And you go into bed,
Don't play upon me your jeers;
For although I've lost my sight,
I haven't lost my ears!"

6. And you lads when courting
Going for your sweethearts' sake,
Take care not to whistle too loud
In ease the old woman might wake;
From the days when I was young,
Forget it I never can.
I knew the difference
Between a fiddle, a dog, and a man.

With my fol-diddle-laddle-la
My fol-diddle-laddle-lee
With my fol-diddle-laddle-la
Hey fal-da-lol lol-da-la-lee.

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