Sweet Carnloch Bay

Melody -

1. When winter was brawling,
O'er high hills and mountains
And dark were the clouds
O'er the deep rolling sea,
I spied a wee lass
As the daylight was dawning
She was asking the road
To sweet Carnloch Bay.

2. I said, "My wee lassie,
I canna weel tell ye
The number of miles
Or how far it might be
But if you'll consent
I'll convoy you a wee bit
And I'll show you the road
To sweet Carnloch Bay.
  3. You turn to the right
And pass down by the churchyard
Cross over the river
And down by the sea;
We'll call in Pat Hamill's
And have a wee drop there
Just to help us along
To sweet Carnloch Bay.

4. Here's a health to Pat Hamill
Likewise the wee lassie
And to every laddie
That's listening to me
And ne'er turn your back
On a bonnie wee lassie
When she's asking the road
To sweet Carnloch Bay.

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