Melody -

1. While travelling the road at the close of the day
When I came to an alehouse along the highway
Opened the door and I called for a quart
And as to the payment, I gives it no thought.

Singing whack fol the day,
Whack fol the day.
For all in me pocket
Was one penny.

3. I spied two fair fellows at playing the dice
They both looked me over and thought me a price
A buncan whose pockets were bursting with gold.
  4. I took up the dice and I gives them a shake
And it was my good fortune the wager to win
If things had been different they both would have cursed
For all they would've won was an empty old purse.

5. I stayed there that night and was off the next day
For I thought it high time to be jogging away.
I asked the landlady what there was to pay.
She says: Give us a kiss love and be on your way.

6. Singing whack fol the day,
Whack fol the day
Ten pounds in my pocket
And one penny.

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