Will Ye Go To Sheriffmuir

Melody -

Will ye go to Sheriffmuir,
Bold John o' Innisture?
There to see the noble Mar
And his Highland laddies.
    A' the true men o' the north,
    Angus, Huntly, and Seaforth,
    Scouring on to cross the Forth,
    Wi' their white cockadies.

There you'll see the banners flare,
There you'll hear the bagpipes' rair,
And the trumpet's deadly blare,
Wi' the cannon's rattle.
    There you'll see the bold M'Craws,
    Cameron's and Clanronald's raws,
    And a' the clans, wi' loud huzzas,
    Rushing to the battle.
  There you'll see the noble Whigs,
A' the heroes o' the brigs,
Raw hides and withered wigs
Riding in array, man.
    Ri'en hose and raggit hools,
    Sour milk and girnin gools,
    Psalm-beuks and cutty-stools
    We'll see never mair, man.

Will ye go to Sheriffmuir,
Bold John o' Innisture'!
Sic a day, and sic an hour
Ne'er was in the north, man.
    Siccan sights will there be seen;
    And, gin some be nae mista'en,
    Fragrant gales will come bedeen,
    Frae the water o' Forth, man.

The victory of the battle of Sheriffmuir, fought between the clans under the Earl of Mar and the Hanoverian forces under the Duke of Argyll on the 13th November 1715, was claimed by both sides. Winners or losers, the Jacobites celebrated the battle in a number of fine songs, of which this is probably the least well-known. There is some doubt among clan historians as to the identity of Bauld John of Innisture.

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