Wilt Thou Be True

Melody - Stephen Collins Foster, 1862 (1826-1864)

George Cooper, 1840-1827

1. Wilt thou be true, dearest to me,
Though I may wander far off from thee?
     Over my heart
          No gloom will come,
     If thou art faithful
          Where-e'er I roam.
     Still in my dreams,
          Thy angel face
     Smiling through tear-drops
          Fondly I'll trace
     Thy voice will cheer
          Life's journey through.
     Wilt thou be true, love?
          Wilt thou be true?
  2. Wilt thou be true though fate shall bring
Tempest and sorrows, clouding not spring?
     Life's roses fair,
          Now gem our way,
     Wilt thou be constant
          Should these decay?
     Hope's gentle star
          Beaming so bright,
     Though fondly trusted,
          May take its flight.
     Should want and woe
          Our steps pursue,
     Wilt thou be true, love?
          Wilt thou be true?

3. Wilt thou be true though lips of scorn,
Seek to revile me when I am gone?
     Say, wilt thou weep,
          When evening falls,
     As busy mem'ry
          My form recalls?
     Wilt thou be true?
          Doubt swiftly flies
     While I am gazing
          Into thine eyes.
     Through tearful gleams--
          Through tender blue,
     Sweetly they whisper
          Thou wilt be true!

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