Shamrock Shore

Melody -

1. Ye brave young sons of Erin's isle
I hope you will attend a while
To the wrongs of dear old Ireland
I'm going to relate
'Twas black and cursed was the day
That our Parliament was taken away
And all our grief and suffering
Commences from that day.

2. Our hearty sons and daughters fair
To other countries must repair
And leave their native lands
Behind in sorrow to deplore
For to seek employment they must roam
Far far away from their native home
From that sore oppressed island
That they call the Shamrock Shore.

3. Now Ireland is with plenty blessed
But the people they are sore oppressed
All by those cursed tyrants
We are forced for to obey
Some haughty landlords for to please
Our houses and our lands they'll seize
To put fifty farms into one
And take us all away.

4. Regardless of the widow's cries
The mother's tears and the orphan's sighs
In thousands we are driven from home
Which grieves our hearts full sore
We are fraught by famine and disease
We emigrated across the seas
From that sore oppressed island
That they call the Shamrock Shore.
  5. Our sustenance is taken away
Our tithes and taxes for to pay
To support that law-protected church
To which they do adhere
And our Irish gentry, well you know
To other countries they do go
And the money from all Ireland
Is squandered here and there.

6. But if those squires would stay at home
And not to other countries roam
But to build mills and factories here
To employ the labouring core
For if we had trade and commerce fair
To me no nation could compare
To that sore oppressed island
That they call the Shamrock Shore.

7. John Bull he boasts and he laughs with scorn
And he says that Irish man is born
To be always discontented
For at home he cannot agree
But we'll banish discord from our land
And in harmony like brothers stand
To demand the rights of Ireland
Let us all united be!

8. Our Parliament and College Green
For to assemble 'twill be seen
And happy days in Erin's isle
We soon will have once more
Then dear old Ireland soon will be
A great and glorious country
And peace and blessings soon will smile
All 'round the Shamrock Shore!

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