The Bonny Light Horseman

Melody -

1. Ye wise maids and widows, pray listen to me.
To this sad tale I rehearse unto thee
A maid in distress who will now be a rover
She relies on King George for the loss of her lover.

2. Three years and six months since he left England's shore,
My bonny light horseman, will I ne'er see him more?
He's mounted on horseback, so gallant and gay
And among the whole regiment respected was he.
  3. When Boney commanded his armies to stand,
He levelled his cannon right over the land,
He levelled his cannons his victory to gain
And he slew my light horseman on the way coming hame.

4. The dove she laments for her mate as she flies;
"Oh where, tell me where is my darling?" she cries
And where in this world is there one to compare
With my bonny light horseman who was slain in the war?"

Broken-hearted I'll wander, broken-hearted I'll remain
For my bonny light horseman, in the wars he was slain.

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