You Tell Me Your Dream

Melody - Charles N. Daniels 1899

Albert H. Brown and Seymour Rice

Two little children one morning,
After their breakfast was o'er
Were laughing and playing together,
Alone on the dining room floor;
The girl of a dream had been talking,
But refused with a toss of her head
To tell it all to her playmate,
Until he coaxingly said:

You had a dream, well, I had one too,
I know mine's best 'cause it was of you.
Come sweetheart tell me,
Now is the time,
You tell me your dream,
I'll tell you mine.
  Tom said "I dreamed you had promised,
That someday we should be wed"
"Why, that's just exactly like my dream,"
Mary then blushingly said;
Time they say brings many changes,
But their love no change ever knew
And so they were happily married,
The dream of their childhood came true.

Sadness has entered the household,
Where happiness once reigned supreme.
The sunshine of life now has vanished,
Grief has dispelled their bright dream;
For Mary his kind loving helpmate,
Had yesterday passed away
And in sorrow Tom thinks of the morning,
When in childhood to her he did say:

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