Violet de Vere

Melody -

Robert W. Service, 1874-1958

You've heard of Violet de Vere,
Strip-teaser of renown,
Whose sitting-base out-faired the face
Of any girl in town;
Well, she was haled before the Bench
For breachin' of the Peace,
Which signifies araisin' Cain,
An' beatin' up the police.

So there she stood before the Court
Of ruddy Judge McGraw,
Whom folks called Old Necessity,
Because he knew no law.
Aye, crackin' in a silken gown,
An' sheddin' of a tear,
Ashine wi' gold an' precious stones
Sat Violet de Vere.

Old Judge McGraw looked dourly down
An' stroked his silver beard.
Says he: "Although the Sheriff's bruised,
The lady should be heard.
What can you say in your defence?
We'll give you a square deal."
"I jest forget," said Violet.
"Maybe it was my heel.
  I always want to kick the gong
when I am feelin' gay;
It's most unfortunate, I guess,
His face was in the way."
Then scratchin' of his snowy pow
The Judge looked down severe,
Where bright wi' paint like plaster saint
Sat Violet de Vere.

Says he: "I'm going to impose
A twenty dollar fine."
Says Violet: "Your Honour,
To your judgement I resign.
I realize I should not
My agility reveal:
Next time I'll kick the Sheriff
With my toe and not my heel.

I'm grateful to the Court because
I'm not put in the clink;
There's twenty plunks to pay my fine,--
But now I come to think:
Judge, darlin', you've been owin' me
Five bucks for near a year:
Take fifteen,--there! We'll call it square,"
Said Violet de Vere.

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