Zi ye qiu ge     Autumn Night Song

Melody -

Li Po, 701-762
Chang An yi pian yue,
Wan hu dao yi sheng,
Qiu feng chui bu jin,
Zong shi Yu Guan qing,
He ri ping Hu Lu,
Liang ren ba yuan zheng.
Tr. by Ed Peaslee
A crescent moon rises over Changan,
From ten thousand homes comes the sound of the washing block,
The autumn wind blows incessantly,
And my thoughts are beyond the Jade Gate Pass.
When will the Hu Lu be vanquished
And my husband cease his distant travels?

This Tang Dynasty poem by Li Po (701-762 A.D.) was set to music and played on Radio Hong Kong in 1970. Changan (modern Xian) was the capital of China at the time of the Tang Dynasty. Clothes were pounded with a mallet as part of the laundering process. The Jade Gate Pass is in western Kansu and was the scene of frequent conflict between the Chinese and the invading barbarians. The lyrics are in classical Chinese (wenyen).

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