All Things Which Live Below The Sky

Melody -

Edward J. Brailsford, 1841-1921

1. All things which live below the sky,
Or move within the sea,
Are creatures of the Lord most high,
And brothers unto me.

2. I love to hear the robin sing,
Perched on the highest bough;
To see the rook with purple wing
Follow the shining plough.
  3. I love to watch the swallow skim
The river in his flight;
To mark, when day is growing dim,
The glowworm's silvery light;

4. The seagull whiter than the foam,
The fish that dart beneath;
The lowing cattle coming home;
The goats upon the heath.

5. Almighty Father, King of Kings,
The lover of the meek,
Make me a friend of helpless things,
Defender of the weak.

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