And wilt Thou pardon, Lord

Melody - St. Bride, Samuel Howard, 1762;

Joseph the Hymnographer, c. 860 - Translation by John M. Neale, 1862

1. And wilt Thou pardon, Lord,
A sinner such as I,
Although Thy book his crimes record,
Of such a crimson dye?

2. So deep are they engraved,
So terrible their fear,
The righteous scarcely shall be saved,
And where shall I appear?
  3. My soul, make all things known
To Him who all things sees
That so the Lamb may yet atone
For thine iniquities.

4. O Thou Physician blest,
Make clean my guilty soul
And me, by many a sin oppressed,
Restore and keep me whole.

5. I know not how to praise
Thy mercy and Thy love;
But deign my soul from earth to raise
And learn from Thee above.

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