Arise and Shine in Splendor

Melody - Nun ruhen alle Wälder

by Martin Opitz

1. Arise and shine in splendor,
Let night to day surrender;
Your light is drawing near.
Above, the day is beaming,
In matchless beauty gleaming;
The glory of the Lord is here.

2. See earth in darkness lying,
The heathen nations dying
In hopeless gloom and night.
To you the Lord of heaven,
Your light, your hope, has given
Great glory, honor, and delight.
  3. The world's remotest races,
Upon whose weary faces
The sun looks from the sky,
Shall run with zeal untiring,
With joy your light desiring
That breaks upon them from on high.

4. Lift up your eyes in wonder;
See, nations gather yonder,
They all come to be free.
The world has heard your story,
Your sons come to your glory,
And daughters haste your light to see.

5. Your heart will leap rejoicing
When multitudes come voicing
Desire to share your peace.
Your eyes will fill with wonder
When people without number
Come thronging to your for God's grace.

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