As We Begin Another Week

Melody - "Herr Jesu Christ, mein's Lebens Licht", 1625

German text, tr. composite

As we begin another week,
In Jesus' name this boon we seek:
God, grant that through these seven days
No evil may befall our ways.

2. Thy gentle blessings, Lord, outpour
On all our labor evermore;
Our hearts with Thy good Spirit fill
That we may gladly do Thy will.
  3. In every season, every place,
May we regard Thy Word of grace
Until, when life's brief day is past,
We reach eternal joy at last.

4. And keep with angels in Thy rest
The endless Sabbaths of the blest.
This grant to us through Christ, Thy Son,
Who reigns with Thee upon Thy throne.

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